Dress Code

The purpose of the Trinity Lutheran School 
Dress Code is to promote a sense of 
community among our students.


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Trinity Lutheran School

Dress Code Guidelines for Grades K-8


The purpose of the TLS dress code is to promote a sense of community among our students as well as a sense of pride in oneself and in our school.   These guidelines are uniform for Kindergarten through Grade Eight.  Items listed in the dress code may be purchased through a number of different retailers, including Lands’ End, and the TLS PTO Bookstore in the main office.  If you choose to purchase from Lands’ End, please use the s,,chool code 9000-5809-0.  The TLS PTO Bookstore has a variety of items on-hand and others that may be ordered.  As the weather gets warmer, it is important to remember the guidelines for shorts and TAG Days.  These guidelines can be found in your student handbook.  Boldfaced items relate to warmer temperatures.


Item Description of Acceptable Styles
Shirts, Sweaters and Pullovers
  • Long or short sleeve turtlenecks, polo style or collared shirts
  • Solid white, hunter green, navy, light blue or yellow only (Pink shirts will be allowed during October for Breast Cancer Awareness)
  • Logos (other than TLS) shall not be larger than a quarter
  • Sweatshirts and sweaters in solid navy, hunter green, or white may be worn with a collared shirt or turtleneck underneath.  Outerwear should be removed upon entering the school.
  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times with no midriff showing.  (The test is when you raise your arms.)
  • Tailored pants that are the appropriate size (not baggy or tight).  Pants should not hang below the hips.
  • Khaki, navy, black, or hunter green
  • Jean-style pants of any color are not allowed, except on authorized TAG days.
Skirts, Jumpers, Shorts, Skorts and Capris
  • Shorts should be appropriate size (not baggy or tight) and no shorter than 2 inches above or longer than 2 inches below the knee.
  • Skorts, skirts, and jumpers may not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee or longer than mid-calf.
  • No cargo style shorts or capris
  • Shorts and capris may be worn year round
  • Shoes should fit securely on the foot (no backless shoes or Crocs)
  • Shoestrings should be tied securely.
  • Dress shoes (heels no higher than one inch) may be worn.
  • Style and color of tennis shoes are not restricted.
  • Open toe shoes (with a back strap) are permitted from April 1 – October  31.
  • Athletic shoes should be worn for PE.
Socks, Tights & Leggings
  • Tights and Leggings should be white, hunter green, navy or black.  They may be worn under skirts, dresses, and jumpers.
  • Sock color is not restricted.


  • Belts should be worn with any garment that has belt loops.
  • Buckle should be appropriate for width of belt and should not have logos, pictures or symbols.  Belt color is not restricted.


  • Coats of any kind should not be worn inside the building.  The only outerwear jacket permitted inside is the Trinity Lutheran fleece jacket.
  • Hats may be worn outside but should not be worn inside the building.
Hair and General Appearance
  • Boys’ hair should be above the shirt collar and no longer than mid-ear.
  • Bangs should be pulled back or short enough so that they are not eye level.
  • Tattoo-like jewelry, stickers, or body graphics are not permitted.
  • Hair should be colored and styled to appear natural.
  • No body piercing other than girls’ ears.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.
  • Jewelry and make-up should be tasteful, age appropriate and not distracting.
Sports Team Attire for Game Days
  • Boys’ teams: white, button-down collared shirts with ties and navy pants
  • Girls’ teams: yellow or white polo shirts with navy pants or skirts
  • During cooler weather, both teams may wear hunter green sweatshirts with TLS logos
Spirit Day Attire
  • Fridays have been designated as school spirit days
  • Students may wear TLS Spirit wear.  Shirts should be tucked.
  • No jeans are permitted on TLS Spirit days.
TAG Day Attire
  • School appropriate t-shirt and jeans.  TAG Day donation is $2.00 and is paid through Smart Tuition.
  • Anyone choosing not to participate in a TAG Day should follow TLS dress code.


Revised August 2018



These guidelines are uniform for Kindergarten through Grade Eight. The dress code is optional for Preschool students.

Items listed in the dress code may be purchased through a number of different retailers, including Lands’ End.

The Trinity’s Pride Spirit Store has a variety of spirit apparel; it is located on the first floor to the left of the elevator and next to the church library.

If you choose to purchase from Lands’ End, please use the school code 900058090.  Trinity Lutheran School will receive a percentage of your total.