TLS Advances in the Battle of the Books Competition

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The Newport News Public Library 2017 Battle of the Books Preliminary round was held this past Tuesday at Dutrow Elementary School in Newport News.  6 local schools sent teams of six 4th and 5th graders to compete.  Students had to read 12 books and answer questions about those books after buzzing in during a quiz-show style event.

It was a close race between second, third, and fourth place and the TLS team did a great job by making the cut in the top three!  Their next competition is March 7th.

The evening started with all six schools drawing numbers out of a bag to see what order they would compete.  TLS drew number 2 and then watched the first 4 rounds until they got their chance to compete.  Each round saw three teams competing in different combinations until everyone competed against each other.  At the end of the night, the total number of points were added up and the top three teams advanced to compete to represent Newport News at the regional competition.

Led by 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Margie Stinson, the team consists of Carter (4th grade), Madison (4th grade), Mary (5th grade), Rose (4th grade), Sydney (5th grade), and Abby (4th grade).  The students have been reading the competition books since the beginning of the school year and participated in practice sessions for the past two months.  Practices were held at TLS as well as local libraries as the teams participated in mock competition so they could get the feel for the flow of the competition.

As Trinity continues to pursue excellence in education, we are so very proud of our students as they represent Trinity pride in the community.  They are a shining example of exactly what we do at TLS every day.

GO TEAM!!  Battle on…