The Lower School

Elementary education is like the first step we take in life; 
we will never be able to run if we don’t learn how to walk.


IMG_4124The Lower School is comprised of grades kindergarten through fifth.  The development of the essential skills for academic excellence is the foundation of the curriculum in the formative elementary grades.  The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme at Trinity provides a framework for instruction through Units of Inquiry, while the core curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, science, reading, spelling, and social studies.

Teachers adapt instruction to the specific needs of each student and find many opportunities for interdisciplinary study.  SuperKids is a research-based, comprehensive core reading program  built on systematic phonics and a balanced approach to the essential elements of reading: reading, writing, spelling, and grammar.  Field trips, guest speakers, and special programs are frequent additions to the Lower School program.  Coordination of curriculum-related trips utilize the cultural and natural resources available in our region.

The nurturing environment found in the Preschool continues into the Lower School.

Students in the Lower School are expected to follow the Trinity dress code.

Resources761 Students broaden their academic experience through various scheduled resource classes, including art, Spanish, music, technology, library, health, and physical education.

Student Evaluation
Homework notebooks, weekly folders, report cards, and conferences are some of the means used to keep parents apprised of a student’s overall success.  Portfolios and rubrics reflect the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) philosophy of student assessment.  Academic performance is charted on a nine-week grading schedule with interim reports issued where academic concerns exist during each grading period.  All Lower School grades take the Stanford Achievement Test Series, 10th Edition.

1009A variety of organized student activities provide students the opportunity further their academic, emotional, social, and cultural development.  They include Student Council Association (SCA), Safety Patrol, LegoRobotics, class plays, Reading Buddies and other community service projects.

Beginning in fifth grade, students are eligible to participate on sports teams.  Fall sports include girls volleyball, co-ed soccer, boys and girls cross country, and cheerleading.  Winter sports include boys and girls basketball and cheerleading.  Spring sports include boy’s baseball and girls softball.  Trinity Lutheran School is a member of the Peninsula Independent Athletic League (PIAL).

Students attend chapel each Wednesday.  There are monthly recognitions for Values of the Month and Birthday Blessings.  Lessons and Carols is a Trinity tradition presented by the students each Christmas season.