Middle School Community Service

The Trinity Lutheran School community service program 
affords students an opportunity to become connected 
to the world around them and to recognize that they 
have a responsibility to contribute to a cause greater 
than their own.



Middle school students at Trinity Lutheran School are expected to perform volunteer service throughout the school year.  Service is

defined as work done for a non-profit agency or individual, and for which there is no compensation or reward for the individual completing the work.  The activity should contribute to the well being of the school or the student’s community.

Students should record their volunteer hours using the provided folder and documentation table.  A volunteer sheet will be placed in your report card every nine weeks.  It should be filled out with the number of hours that you have completed up to that time.  This sheet should to be signed by a parent and returned to school.  A minimum of twenty hours of community service is required.


Students are encouraged to begin their community service immediately.  Students may begin documenting their service hours on June 1st for the upcoming school year.

As part of Trinity’s mission, we have established a school-wide Community Service Day on the Monday before Thanksgiving in November.  Every student in the school (PreK-8th Grade) will take part in serving our neighbors.  Our teachers will communicate their individual classes itinerary.  Our students are lucky and proud to give back to our community!