A Guide to Middle School

“Our species is young and curious and
brave and shows much promise.”
    -Carl Sagan


Trinity’s Upper School is comprised of grades six through eight, commonly known as the middle school years. An exciting transition period for these students, Trinity Lutheran School’s middle school offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for continued academic success in private and public secondary schools in a nurturing Christian environment.  Students acquire a strong base of IMG_4444knowledge across the curriculum.  They use critical thinking, analysis, and appropriate problem solving techniques.  Students communicate effectively in both oral and written expression, using insight, reason, and technical proficiency; they read, understand and interpret information from a variety of sources, regardless of medium.

Students are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively in order to complete tasks in a timely manner.  They use technology to find, sort, and select data, to create, revise and present written and graphic documents, and to analyze and process numerical data.  Students develop positive personal attitudes and experience a variety of physical activities for lifelong wellness.  They demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to those of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

All middle school students receive a school-issued Chromebook.  While we know technology will never replace the talented and dedicated Trinity Lutheran School teachers, our Chromebooks supplement our learning and prepare our students for the technology-based world they will encounter.  These Chromebooks are the students to keep while they remain a student in good academic and financial standing.  In addition to the Chromebooks, TLS uses Canvas as our online learning portal.  Parents have full online access to their student’s grades and assignments via the Canvas Parent App.



Middle school students move toward increased independence.  The Middle School Program is designed to help students set and achieve meaningful goals, keep track of their assignments, and study independently.  This is further reflected in their daily routines and expectations. The middle school program provides students with opportunities to explore and expand interests and talents, with organized sports teams, outdoor programs, and other extra-curricular opportunities.

Students in the Upper School are expected to follow the Trinity dress code.

Student Evaluation
Academic performance is charted on a nine-week grading schedule (on a 10-point scale) with interim reports issued where academic concerns exist during each grading period.  Cumulative exams are given at the end of each semester for high school credited courses.  Currently we offer high school credit classes in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, World Geography, Life Science, and Spanish I.

Student Activities are a vital aspect of Trinity student life.  A National Junior Honor Society, chartered in 2002, recognizes students for academic achievement and community service.  Eighth graders participate in programs to fulfill required community service hours.  Student driven service organizations, such as Middle School Student Council Association and NJHS, participate in a variety of service projects. Projects include canned food drives, Coats for Kids, PORT, Toys for Tots, and Relay for Life are cornerstones supporting


Trinity’s mission to the community.

School dances, field trips, plays, spirit days, and sports clinics, are some of the highlights of Student Life. The graduating eighth grade class takes part in a traditional overnight spring trip.  Recent trips have been to Washington, DC and New York City.

Middle school students are eligible to participate on sports teams.  Fall sports include girls’ volleyball, co-ed soccer, boys’ and girls’ cross country, and cheerleading.  Winter sports include boys’ and girls’ basketball and cheerleading.  Spring sports include boys’ baseball and girls’ softball.  Trinity Lutheran School is a founding member of the Peninsula Independent Athletic League (PIAL).

Students attend chapel each Wednesday at 8:10.  There are monthly recognitions for Values of the Month and weekly for Birthday Blessings.  Lessons and Carols is a Trinity tradition presented by the students each Christmas season.